6 weeks in: Periscope making some updates

(Via Medium) The past six weeks have been unforgettable. Thank you for your global perspective, for your thoughtful feedback, and inspiring ideas. We’ve shipped three updates since our last blog post, and today we launched version 1.0.4 (download here). We’re excited to highlight some of the new features we’ve added:

  • “I’m not a fan of my profile picture” — Well, we think you look great, but by popular demand, we added an option to change your profile picture. A tap on your avatar in your Profile will prompt you to change your photo to one in your Camera Roll, or to take a new photo.
  • “Can I sign up without a Twitter account?” — Until now, you needed a Twitter account to signup. For existing Twitter users, we recommend signing up via Twitter (we’ll help suggest people to follow based on your Twitter social graph), but we’ve also added an option to signup using your phone number.

  • “It’s hard to reply directly to people in chat” — We made it easier to reply to somebody’s comment during a broadcast. Tap the comment, hit the reply button, and you’ll automatically be presented with a response including that person’s @handle. Replies that mention you will appear with an arrow.

  • An update on blocking users — When a broadcaster blocks a participant during their broadcast, a message is posted to the chatroom indicating that the block occurred. We think this adds an important layer of transparency and accountability to the comments in a broadcast.

As always, we’ve also made a number of performance improvements and squashed tons of bugs🐞. Thank you all for feedback and ideas. Please continue to share your suggestions to @periscopehelp on Twitter or email us at help@periscope.tv.

Much Love,
Team Periscope