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Crop images in Twitter for preview pane

We’ve seen a lot of trends with Twitter users. First it was just getting basic posts across to your followers. Then it was efficient use of #hashtags. There is effective RT’s or retweeting. But now you may start to notice that many users are including an image with links to their content. An image is worth a thousand words, they say. So it’s obvious to see why users will try to grab attention with a captivating image.

Twitter has gone a step forward and added previews to images you add in a Twitter post. It’s an effective preview pane that will let you see part of the image. If you click it, the image will expand full-screen. It’s a nice option when you want to see content quickly. However, it doesn’t work with all images – only images that are added within the Twitter app or service. So if you’re sharing and Instagram picture to Twitter from the Instagram app, you’ll only see the traditional link. But if you take a picture on your phone, open your Twitter app and add the image, this preview pane will work for you.

And you can actually use the preview pane to your advantage. Thanks to an infographic from Bob Watling, you can experiment with your photos so that the most appealing part of the photo will make the preview pane on your follower’s timelines. It’s a pretty strategic move that will help your most thought-out and important tweets get better reach by learning how to crop images in Twitter.

Bob writes:

Content marketing, visual PR and brand journalism all rely on good quality shareable images. But how can you make your tweeted content stand out when Twitter keeps previewing the ‘wrong’ bit of your image in the tweet stream? It takes time and testing, but here’s the techniques to help ensure Twitter previews the image section you want people to see.

Thanks to Bob for the infographic. Let us know how this works for you and if you’re taking advantage of Twitter’s preview pane by sharing your experience in our comments section below.

Crop images in Twitter

Here's how to crop your images for Twitter's preview pane


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  2. cresun7
    cresun7 at |

    Thanks for sharing – this is so important ! I could never wrap my head around why Twitter would crop some images to center and others from the top, and it really frustrated me. Of course you want your images to look good on Twitter, and the crop itself is the most important display, as this is the only way most images on Twitter will be viewed. Instead of resorting to a computed automation that assumes the optimal crop, I would appreciate if Twitter could be less cynical about the subject and let its users position the crop themselves (web and app).