Shoot Video on Twitter

Shoot video on Twitter…Finally!

Twitter is launching a massive feature in the coming days (starting tomorrow). You will now be able to shoot video on Twitter…but that’s no all. You can edit that video and post it to the social network. And unlike Vine’s 6-second and Instagram’s 15-second limit, Twitter is going to allow 30-seconds of your footage to be posted in a single tweet.

Is this a game-changer for the network to help boost it’s sagging active user numbers?  Investors sure hope so. But regardless, shoot video on Twitter!? That’s awesome.

Lets take a closer look:

First off, it’s reported that the videos won’t start playing automatically. That’s a good thing. Who hasn’t been perusing Instagram late at night and you scroll past footage from The Killers concert with scratchy audio track that nearly blows you out of bed?

The videos will expand to full-screen views when the users clicks on the video screen making for a better viewing experience.

Shoot video on Twitter, and…then what?

There is already much discussion about how the new shooting and editing feature will be used on Twitter. Twitter strength is immediacy. When news breaks a tweet many times is what reveals the news to the world. It’s changed the game for news-gathering. So will it aid in citizen journalism? Will cloud the facts of important news blurring the facts? Will it become an annoying addition that won’t be used as much as we thought (when was the last time you used Hyperlapse by Instagram?

Twitter will be rolling out the new features to users in groups over the next few days.  To access the Twitter video tool, users tap the camera icon.

From there, they can record, reorder or delete segments, then share the final clip.

Why 30-second videos?

Jinen Kamdar, a Twitter product manager recently told the Wall Street Journal that the 30-second time limit was long enough to give posters “breathing room and freedom” to capture what they wanted yet short enough so that it wouldn’t deter users from watching the videos “because it’s not a serious time investment.”

“We have some of the best content creators in the world using Twitter daily, and we think that this is going to unlock and strengthen a bunch of our existing use cases as well,” Kamdar said.

We think 30-seconds is a great idea. It definitely gives you more flexibility and creativity. And if there is breaking news outside your window, people will get more of the story. You can’t tell the full story on Vine – and it’s very difficult on Instagram. With actual TV News stories ranging from 15-1:15, this time length is right in the wheelhouse for users and consumers.

Will video lure back users?

Twitter has been on a wild ride since their Initial Public Offering. And while analysts are happy to see some positive growth, the active user base has taken a dive.

According to the WSJ, Twitter’s closely watched user growth nearly ground to a halt in the fourth quarter. It was hit hard.

Twitter User Growth

The company said it gained a net total of 4 million users in the period, giving it 288 million at year-end. The 1.4% hike from three months earlier was the lowest on record for the company and for the first time fell below user growth of Facebook which has about five times more users.

Despite the news, we’re anxious to check out Twitter’s new video feature.

Do you think it’ll be a game changer? Do you plan to use it? Drop us some feedback in the comments.