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  1. Tweet Sheets – What are tweet sheets and why they are great! | My Uni of Digital Marketing

    […] 2015. Slick Twitter promotion ideas – How to build a Tweet Sheet. [ONLINE] Available at: https://tweetbrander.com/twitter-promotion-idea-from-the-big-guys-tweet-sheets/. [Accessed 25 April […]

  2. Sex Kitten Party
    Sex Kitten Party at |

    ok how the heck is this helpful to people? this did not tell you what it says it’s going to tell you which is how to create an auto tweet sheet!!

    We want to know how to do this: Try creating a tweet that links back to your site, add the appropriate hashtags and send it to your friends, add it to your newsletter, emails and other content-sharing sources.!! Don’t tell us to do that! That’s what we came to you for!

  3. Lana Roske
    Lana Roske at |

    Please show how to make a Tweet sheet