Vine App

What is Vine and where did it come from?

Once and awhile a new app comes along by a powerhouse company for all to enjoy. This is one of those times. The app is Vine and the company behind it is Twitter.

Simply stated, you could say that Vine is the ‘Instagram’ for video. Many people have made that comparison, and it seems to be a fitting description. However, the true definition of the app comes from the developers:

[quote author=”- Vine Developers” style=”1″]Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.[/quote]

What is Vine?The app lets you record a short, six-second video clip that loops over and over. You simply shoot and share on your social network. The app offers the ability to connect to both Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to post your ‘Vines’ on either service. Vine itself also has a timeline in the app where you can browse your friends’ Vines.

The app has recorded a few issues (pun intended).  On the iPhone 4, the app crashed fairly often. Also, there’s no real easy way to find friends other than exchanging usernames. Also, it seems the app was inundated with porn upon it’s release. A recent write up in TechCrunch explained that Vine ran into a couple small speed bumps between today and launch day, namely that the app was almost instantaneously filled with porn upon launch. After regulating various search terms to cut down on user access to the porn vines, Twitter made the tough decision to put a 17+ rating on the app.

This was almost certainly nudged along by Apple’s removal of the Vine app from its featured section a few hours after #porngate, which is a relatively tame reaction compared to the way Apple has yanked other apps from the App Store for similar offenses.

Luckily, the porn stuff seems to be in the past, and Vine has quite the future ahead of it. This rapid expansion of the development team points to a growing user base, which is expected considering Twitter’s expansive reach throughout the digital landscape. But like any new app, updates come quickly and the problems diminish.

We’ll undoubtedly have much more on Vine in the coming months. But for now, it’s a good time to download it and play around and get your 6-seconds worth.